Tools of Adventure: Cast Iron Skillet

Christmas a year ago, my wife got me this 12″ Bobby Flay cast iron pan.  It is a big rig pan, it has handles on both ends for a reason.  A cast iron pan is a kitchen necessity for any kitchen, novice to chef.  It holds more heat, cooks more evenly, naturally non-stick, and will last the rest of eternity.  It is the only pan you need.

This particular pan, due to its size, may not be for everyone.  One of the big perks for me is that it is a flat-bottomed skillet, it does not have the ridge around the bottom.  My wife will not permit a gas stove in the house, and I loathe coils.  As such, we have a glass-top stove, which I am perfectly fine with, but that necessitates finding flat-bottomed equipment.

Bobby Flay 12" Cast Iron

Bobby Flay 12″ Cast Iron

I have been very happy with this pan. I’ve cooked everything from pancake souffle, fried chicken, teriyaki chicken legs, to fried veggies and yakisoba.

A few things to note about Cast Iron skillets:

  • They must be seasoned, even pre-seasoned pans need to be re-seasoned occasionally.
  • Cast iron can be thrown from the stove to the oven. But only up to 340-350 degrees.
  • Hand wash only. No abrasives.  Its easiest to wipe most the gunk out of the pan when it is still warm, before the grease hardens and food bits dry up.

Bobby Flay and other Food Network gear are available at Kohl’s.