Extra-Life Game Day in less than 2 days!


*Click Me*

It’s that time of year again for my favorite charity event! Playing games and raising money for my local Children’s Miracle Network hospital – Hendrick Medical Center. Last year was $20 short of my $200 goal *sad face*. But, I did my best for my Children’s Hospital. This year will be even better!!

Extra-Life will be on Nov 7th. There is no deadline for contributions, that is just our event date. 100% of donations will go to Hendrick Children’s Hospital. You can donate a lump sum, or even set up a small monthly donation. It all helps the kids =)

I am playing for Team Trion again. Last year we raised almost $102,000 for various Hospitals across the country. Extra Life raised more than $5mil last year and we strive to do even better this year!

Please visit my page to make a donation; or even better, sign yourself up as a player-fundraiser!  Click Here for more Information about supporting Children’s Miracle Network!

For the Kids!



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