Home Cured, Smoked Bacon xD

Home Cured (Maple Glaze wet cure), and grill smoked with Pecan wood.

Essentially its just a cheap piece of pork belly.  I paid less than $2 for this 1 pound piece of pork.  I marinade/Cured it with a mixture of vinegar/salt/pepper/maple syrup/dark brown sugar and water.  Place in a ziplock (this size fits nicely into a quart size) with the marinade.  Make sure to work the marinade into the meat everyday (give it a nice massage – no need to remove from bag) and turn the package over everyday.

After 9 days, I removed the meat and rinsed well (too much salt is bad).  Then I set up my little Weber Grill with coals to one side only (choice of smoke wood goes on top of coals – I use pecan because I have pecan trees), a foil plate of water directly above that, placing the meat on the other side (indirect heat).  Let it mellowly heat and absorb yummy smoke flavours for about 1.5hrs.  Keep an eye on it to make sure its not too close to the flame and burns. Let it cool in the fridge then you can easily slice for your bacon needs xD

*note that this is not entirely cooked, you must still cook the bacon to desired wellness*

Grill Smoked

Grill Smoked

Here is a great resource site that I got some ideas from: http://amazingribs.com/recipes/porknography/making_bacon_from_scratch.html



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