Meatloaf Mayhem

I like to experiment with ingredient substitutes… mostly because I’m too lazy to run to the store when I have to pack up children to do so.  Its hard enough to do all my prep-work with an 8 month old strapped to my front in a carry sling.

Sometimes substitutes are great and sometimes they just don’t work out (like my Milk, Heavy Cream, Half-n-half Debacle).

I didn’t have the time to take pics or blog about my meatloaf adventure a few days ago.  I had some ground turkey I needed to use, so I decided on a meatloaf.  I made up the recipe as I went.  I added chopped tomatoes and onions and thyme for a pretty bright and lively taste.

However, I had nothing to use for the bread component of meatloaf.  No bread, no crackers, what is an adventurous and lazy chef to do?  Well, as it turns out, my wife’s Special K worked just dandy.

Any Interesting substitutes in your week?



  1. We are actually trying to grow a decent sized herb garden this year, so for the first time ever I had to try to convert dried herb measurements to fresh ones (it is always the other way around for us), don’t know if it worked yet because it is a meat marinade and is sitting in the fridge for two day.

    Also we have been working on cooking Indian food, there is a ton of things that I have never heard of and the web is short on replacements for… usually any missing spice gets to turn into garlic, ginger or lemon juice…

      • You can’t get garam masala or cardamom seeds from phuc dat? Asian markets usually have a stash of fresh herbs/leaves stashed in bags, wrapped in newspaper. Ask if they Fenugreek (not fungreek). You will prolly have to order the File powder (pronounced like fillet). Down here in the south, we can get it at walmart, lol. I dunno aamchur.

    • When I went to the store tonight, HEB (local grocery store chain), I quickly looked at the spices. They also had File (Zatarains Pure-Ground Gumbo File). I also noticed something, that while it is most likely the local flavour profile, I thought you might keep an eye out for. It was a Habanero Mango seasoning. It didn’t smell overly spicey, and I would think it would be a good substitute for aamchur (powdered mango).

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