Slider Dinner Party [Food Revolution Day]

For Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day, I hosted a Slider Dinner Party with a boatload of veggies. It took the better part of the day to prepare for the party – I will post some tips on  hosting a party tomorrow, I had planned to do it this afternoon but the opportunity never presented itself.

Sliders, of course, are mini-burgers.  They need not be beef, I used mostly pork and I had some ground turkey standing by, although I did not end up needing it.  One of the most obvious logistical issues with sliders is…well getting mini-buns to put them on!  The best way is to make your own!  I spent the lion’s share of the afternoon baking slider buns, both white and honey wheat.  My goal size for my sliders was about 2.5 – 3 inches. So you can bake 18-24 buns per large cookie sheet.

Sliders, like all mini-foods, are disgustingly cute. However, the point of these mini-foods is customization.  I did a ton of prep work while baking bread.  Not only do you need your standard + elite burger toppings (tomato, lettuce, onion, bacon, avocado, pineapple, cucumber, thin apple slices, raw and sautee mushrooms, variety of cheeses), but you need to consider prep-work for alterations to the very foundations of burger building.

I planned for 5 different burgers:

  • BBQ – added bbq sauce and garlic to the meat patties them selves. Covered with more bbq sauce before pulling the sliders off the grill.
  • Thai – added soy, ginger, and lime juice to the meat.  Glazed with Thai sweet chili sauce before taking the sliders off the grill.
  • Breakfast – standard prepared burger, adorned with bacon and a fried egg.
  • Poblano – chopped grilled poblano pepper and cubed colby-jack cheese mixed into meat.
  • Regular – salt and pepper only for topping freedom and children.

NOTE: when making sliders,  make your meat patties thick – like slightly flattened meatballs.  This helps ensure that your guests will not be just choking down a pound of bread while sampling your slider selection.

I grilled poblano, jalapeno and bell peppers as part of my food prep. I prepared some spinach dip and a bunch of raw veggies to go with it.  Also for grilling, I prepared a grilled veggie dish: red potato, red onion, squash, olive oil and seasonings.  Lastly, was a pot of ranch style beans.

(Sadly, I almost forgot to take a picture, and they turned out pretty crappy =/)

Slider Dinner Party

Food REvolution Day


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