Peanut Butter, The Food Group

Alas, the world would be a cold, windy, barren place without the velvety smooth richness of peanut butter.  It tingles your salty senses with its soft touch as it plays upon your tongue like a good lover.  Your aches are a little less, your stress is caressed, because peanut butter is the best.

I am eating my midnight snack, as I call it (its actually 2am, I work nights and this is my day off).  Good old American  PBJ, with Habanero Doritos ( I live in Texas), and of course, a cup of Cajun Mello Joy Coffee.  On the days I work, I have a jar of Omega3 Jif squirreled away in my locker.  I also have some other peanut buttery goodness on hand at all times, in case of volcanoes, alien invasion, or zombie plagues that keep you under quarantine.

To my friend and culinary lover, je t’aime mon treson.

Peanut Butter Fix


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