Disney May Day Dinner Party

For May Day, I am exploring 2 new recipes, both from the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival Cook Book (2011).

The Main course was the Steamed Mussels in Roasted Garlic Cream. The mussels are super easy, but you spend over an hour on the preparation for cream sauce (well worth the work, you will be mopping up the sauce with your french bread).  I have never made garlic puree from scratch before. I dont think I would recommend it for small living quarters like an apartment, the garlic spends 45minutes in the oven, wrapped in

foil and olive oil.  And we are talking two whole HEADS of garlic.  The oven turns the garlic into an amazing paste that you literally sqeeeeeze out of the skins.  After all that, you simply whisk it into a pretty standard cream sauce and simmer for a while.

We chose to nestle the mussels onto a bed of angel hair pasta, before drizzling with the garlic cream sauce then a garnish of chives, parsley and fresh dill.

For dessert I made the Warm Chocolate Lava Cake (with Chocolate ganache).  It turned out well, although it overcooked a bit while waiting to be eaten (I used individual 9oz ramekins which stayed hot enough to continue cooking the product).  I should have cooked them a few minutes less or immediately taken them out of the ramekins =/

All in all, 2.5 sticks of butter, a bottle of sherry and 3 cups of Heavy Cream. Two new recipes for a dinner party, and no leftovers. =)


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