I cry Foul!

Vegetables are the staple food group.  Of which, is supposed to be the largest part of your  diet.  Vegetables are the symbol of health, nutrition and good choices.  Many people that are able and willing (myself included) slave for untold hours, every year, in some type of kitchen garden, just to have the satisfaction of having “created” your own food source that is the very epitome of goodness.  I am farmer, check my cholesterol!!!

Yet in the medical field, there is the term “vegetative state”, the polar opposite of vibrant health.  The word originates at least back to the days of the Roman Empire – vegetabilus.  Where English took our version of the world directly from the French version.  By all accounts, the word in those days, basically meant the “lowest form of life” (in other words, it doesn’t really react to outside stimuli (which it does, just not quickly)).

Ok, fine.  But, this is the 21st century.  I demand a more appropriate synonym, such as rockatative state.  Vegetable Rights!!

Tonight: Cheese Enchiladas with green sauce. Chili Beans, and mixed salad (vegetables!!)


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