Something yummy this way comes

I am no chef.

But I can cook, and so can you.

I am a 30-something daddy with an interesting culinary story.  I grew up in no-where town USA, with your standard country cooking with a dash of southwest influence.  Having run around with numerous Asians in my younger years, I acquired a taste for more exotic cultures and their yummy fare.  As Japan was the big Asian pop-culture icon in those days, I chose a Japanese internet name: Kome – uncooked white rice.  Uncooked White Rice is unrefined, nebulous in its origins – it could be from Asia, the Mediterranean, or the New World (much like my cooking).  Uncooked Rice waits on the shelf, patiently watching over the kitchen, until it is time to perform.  It is an unassuming kitchen necessity, but with great potential.  Just like any cook.



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